2014 Preseason Schedule

The NFL released the 2014 preseason schedule which includes some great matchups. Read



Congratulations to Carl the first winner of 2013. Going into the Monday Night game Carl needed the Texans to win in order to force a tie with Ken Jr. After the Chargers blew a 21 point lead the Texans came back to win the game 31-28 and Carl goes on to win week 1 by points.

2013 week 2 WINNER


After Ruth dominated Sunday football it seemed that she had week 2 in the bag. That was not to be. Going into Monday Night Ruth needed PIT to beat CIN for an all out win. Carl needed CIN to beat PIT to force a tie and go for points. CIN beat PIT 20-10 and Carl won by points.

2013 week 3 Winner


After a wild and crazy Week 3 it came down to Brian and Ruth. It once again seemed that Ruth was going to win. But Brian had the NYJ pick in his pocket that set up a Monday Night Football tie breaker. Both Brian and Ruth picked DEN with Brian winning by points 50-47.

2013 week 4 winner

Brandon v

Week 4 went about how we expected. Teams that should have won simply failed to do so. Kathy and Brandon went into Monday night with 3 loses each. Both picked the Saints to win over the Dolphins which they did 38-17 for a total of 55. Brandon won by points beating Kathy 51-48.

2013 week 5 winner

dave s

Brian L said week 5 would be a week of upsets. Little did he know that Dave would cause the biggest of them all. Going into Sunday night it seemed we were going to have a two way tie for 1st between Brian and Carl. That was until SD lost to OAK giving Dave the win.

2013 week 6 winner

Kenny v jr

Week 6 was a Jr verses Sr battle. After picking every single game the same accept for the Monday Night game Ken Sr and Ken Jr went head to head. Ken Sr picked the Colts while Ken Jr picked the Bolts. SD beat IND 19-9 giving Ken Jr bragging rights over Ken Sr ( THIS TIME )

2013 week 7 winner

BRian l

What started out to be a runaway week for Coffee turned out to be anything but. After dominating the first half of games it seemed it was a wrap. That was until DEN lost to IND and the NYG got their first win against MIN. Brian wins week 7 and says " It was the Coffee " lol

2013 week 8 winner

arvel b

Congratulations to Mr Arvel on his very first win. Mr Arvel joined MYSICKPICK last year and has come very close to winning several times. This week was all his and he did it in style. Not only did he win but he did it with no loses. No more feeling like he's just contributing lol.

2013 week 9 winner

ruth H

After having a panic attack over not being able to see her pick sheet Ruth went ahead and picked teams off the cuff. That turned out to be a good thing. Ruth picked 8 out 12 games right and went on to beat Ken Jr by points for the Monday Night game.

2013 week 10 winner

arvel b

What turned out to be one horrible week of predictions for all of us was another good week for our good buddy Arvel. Most of us had a bad week 10 with MULTIPLE losses. Arvel on the other hand only lost 4 games and went on to get his second win of the year. Good job brother.

2013 week 11 winner

brian l

Going into Week 11 Brian and Lisa were tied at 96-54. Lisa going for her first win of the year picked NE and Brian picked CAR. After a controversial non call for pass interference CAR was handed the win over NE 24-20 giving Brian his third win of the year.

2013 week 12 winner

kenny v jr

I'm going to have to say it was the ARI pick that pretty much sealed the deal this week. Mostly everyone took IND to beat ARI and that simply didnt happen. ARI smashed IND 40-11 giving Ken Jr his second win of the year.

2013 week 13 winner

kenny v sr

What a slug fest this Thanksgiving Day weekend turned out to be. Both Dave C and Jim B went into MNF only needing the Saints to win. Carl W and Ken Sr needed the Seahawks to win to force a four way tie. Seattle beat the Saints 34-7 giving Ken Sr the win by points.

2013 week 14 winner

dina S

Well well well. After being in a four way tie for the win it came down to Brian Carl Dina and Rob. All three guys picking the Boys to win and Dina picking Da Bears. Chicago stomped the Cowboys 45-28 giving Dina her first win ever. Congratulations ding-a-ling : )~

2013 week 15 winner

jIM b

After joining MYSICKPICK Week 11 it didnt take Jim long to make a name for himself. Going into MNF Jim needed BAL to beat DET to force a three way tie for the win. After a 61 yard field goal from Justin Tucker BAL beat DET 18-16. Givng Jim the win by points over Dina and Dave C.

2013 week 16 winner

rob r

For the second time in as many weeks one of our new guys win the pool. Going into Monday Night Football Brian, Carl and Rob were all tied up with 11 wins each. All three picking SF to beat ATL. The final score was SF 34 ATL 24 giving Rob his first win by points.

2013 week 17 winner

arvel b

What a way to finish out the regular season. Once again our good buddy Arvel pulls off a victory over Carl winning by points. That gives him his third win of the season and tying him with Brian for most wins on the year. Which we all know just breaks Brian little heart haha.

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